Thursday, December 17, 2009

More Christmas Crafts

I love our homemade Christmas tradition. :) Here are the little gnome and fairy dolls I made for my youngest daughter's stocking. The patterns for these are available at That has become one of my very favorite blogs to frequent. :) The wooden "people turnings" are from Casey's Wood and the felts and flosses are again from Prairie Point Junction.

My husband loved them so much that he suggested I try a design of my own. We live in Amish country, so these are very fitting Wisconsin dolls. :)

I cut the "body wrap" for each doll using the Wee folk pattern from blue felt. Then I cut a longer piece of black, but only half as high for the man's pants and two strips about 1/4" wide for his suspenders. I found that my son's leather glue works very well on felt and wood. The lady's skirt was a longer half-high strip of blue which I gathered and then sewed the ends together at her back. Some glue made sure it stayed in place. A smaller piece of gathered black felt became her apron and another longish 1/4" strip was glued on, covering the gathered edges of both skirt and apron and wrapping around to the back.
For the man's hat, I traced around a quarter, and then drew a larger circle around it. I cut out both circles and used another 1/4" strip to create the crown of the hat. The lady's bonnet is harder to explain. I've made so many little girls' bonnets, that I know the basic shape of the pattern pieces and just faked it cutting out a little one. One of these days I'll try to draw out the patterns for everything.
I sent these two cuties to my secret sister as part of her Christmas present. I hope she likes them. :)
And off the topic of cute little wee folk...
Here are the finished decorated altoid tin necklaces for the little dollies in the post below. :)

Think those will light up the faces of my 5 and 7 year olds? Especially when they peek inside? I can't wait to see their faces. :)


  1. Um, YEAH! Their faces will light up! Those little tins are so delightfully GIRLY! My girls would be thrilled too!

    Great job, Heidi! And thanks for sharing. I will be doing these, though it will have to wait until after Christmas.


  2. I suppose it goes without saying that I LOVE your wee folk :) Your Amish people are truly inspired! Gift recipients all around are going to be thrilled! I will be linking to you on FaceBook. That's for letting me know you got these posted!

  3. One of my favorite verses is on your Header! This was a good one for me to read today! Blessings!

  4. those are ADORABLE! My face would sure light up!

  5. Beautiful. What a great gift and the love behind it is the best part of it.

  6. Those are so cute ~ I made a little doll similar to the altoid tin dolly, but with mini matchboxes. I gave them to some of my 3rd cousins for christmas. Just yesterday I was thinking that an altoid tin had so many possibilities: and here you are with one of them! Very crafty. And those Amish dolls are too sweet.