Sunday, August 8, 2010

If I Were To Write A Blog Post...

If I were to write a blog post, I'd like to go back to February and write about missing Savannah on her birthday and how God brought us through it and made it a beautiful day anyway. Mike and I went to Paint it Pottery in the Dells that morning and I chose a little cup and saucer to paint. I wanted something that I could use every day that would remind me of Savannah but not necessarily be about Savannah - if that makes any sense. It says JOY on the side of the cup, and around the saucer, it reads "Joy cometh in the morning" - one of those passages that I held in my heart and kept reminding myself was true.

Then we went as a family to Walmart and we let each of the children pick out some gift for a newborn baby girl. We put all the gifts into a basket and brought it over to the hospital where Savannah was born along with a note that explained that the gift was for the first baby girl born on or soonest after Savannah's birthday. I was able to find out later that a baby girl received the gift the next day and her parents were blessed by it. God is so good!

Or If I were to write a blog post, I'd go back to June 2nd and write about how God blessed us with an incredible little guy named Wilmer Markus. He is such a beautiful baby. Right now he is in that wonderful smiley, talkative stage that is such a blessing. Joy truly has come in the morning. In fact, my cup runneth over!

Or if I were to write a blog post, I'd go back to the middle of July, when I actually got to go visit my dear friend, Jewels and her family. My two oldest boys paid for a ticket, my husband took the time off of work to stay home with the children, and Wil and I set off in an airplane for four and half days of wonderful fellowship!

Or I'd go back to about a week ago and tell about the graduation party we had planned for our oldest son, Micha and how proud I am of him.

But that's if I were going to write a blog post. It probably would make more sense to face reality and accept the fact that I am not a blogger. My lack of posts over many months makes that pretty clear, doesn't it? So, I guess what I'm trying to say is...

God bless you and good bye!