Sunday, August 8, 2010

If I Were To Write A Blog Post...

If I were to write a blog post, I'd like to go back to February and write about missing Savannah on her birthday and how God brought us through it and made it a beautiful day anyway. Mike and I went to Paint it Pottery in the Dells that morning and I chose a little cup and saucer to paint. I wanted something that I could use every day that would remind me of Savannah but not necessarily be about Savannah - if that makes any sense. It says JOY on the side of the cup, and around the saucer, it reads "Joy cometh in the morning" - one of those passages that I held in my heart and kept reminding myself was true.

Then we went as a family to Walmart and we let each of the children pick out some gift for a newborn baby girl. We put all the gifts into a basket and brought it over to the hospital where Savannah was born along with a note that explained that the gift was for the first baby girl born on or soonest after Savannah's birthday. I was able to find out later that a baby girl received the gift the next day and her parents were blessed by it. God is so good!

Or If I were to write a blog post, I'd go back to June 2nd and write about how God blessed us with an incredible little guy named Wilmer Markus. He is such a beautiful baby. Right now he is in that wonderful smiley, talkative stage that is such a blessing. Joy truly has come in the morning. In fact, my cup runneth over!

Or if I were to write a blog post, I'd go back to the middle of July, when I actually got to go visit my dear friend, Jewels and her family. My two oldest boys paid for a ticket, my husband took the time off of work to stay home with the children, and Wil and I set off in an airplane for four and half days of wonderful fellowship!

Or I'd go back to about a week ago and tell about the graduation party we had planned for our oldest son, Micha and how proud I am of him.

But that's if I were going to write a blog post. It probably would make more sense to face reality and accept the fact that I am not a blogger. My lack of posts over many months makes that pretty clear, doesn't it? So, I guess what I'm trying to say is...

God bless you and good bye!




  1. Heidi,
    It has been a joy to meet you through your blog. However, I am a firm believer that it is more important to fully "live" everyday rather than spend that time blogging. May God bless you on your many journeys that are still to come.

    In the Lamb, Michelle
    PS. Wil is adorable! Congratulations. He is an answer to my prayer for you.

  2. I am so sad to hear you are not writing anymore! I have been coming to check to see if you had your little one and how he was doing. Glad to see how blessed you all have been.
    God Bless you and your family.
    Jen Conopo

  3. Hello Heidi,
    Such a lovely post. You're a busy Mum and its just nice to catch up every now and then. How I wish I could have come with you to visit Jewels. I bet you had a lovely time. Thankyou for sharing the little snippets of your life over there on the other side of the world and I look forward to catching up some time later when you post again.

    Blessings Gail

  4. I was so happy to read your update and then you said goodbye! :-(

    I do hope you might reconsider--even if you only write a post every few months or a couple of times a year. It's fun to hear about your life and to see your children grow and change. I love to hear about your creative ventures-especially since I am not gifted in that way.

    How sweet of you to give to another family in rememberance of Savannah. I had a little girl at 20 weeks gestation--her name was Hope--she was born in the early hours on 9-12-01. I remember thinking how glad I was that she hadn't made her appearance before midnight--how I was glad that her birthday wouldn't be a reminder of all that had happened on 9-11. I don't really know why it mattered-I will forever associate 9-11 with losing her and how I spent a horrible day knowing that I was probably going to lose a baby that I had waited years for while watching the news and tragedy unfold. I have always remembered her birthday, but I've never thought of doing something so wonderful as what you did to remember Savannah. But her birthday is coming up and it's never too late to start remembering her birth by giving to someone else.

    I'm so happy that you have Wilmer. In my case, her name is Joy-she came just 11 months after we lost Hope. Then just 17 months later, Faith joined our family too---joy truly does come in the morning!

    How wonderfully sweet of your men to send you to visit with Jewels.

    And how very proud you must be of Micha!

    I do think you are a blogger--you've written a lovely post here and although I'm sure that you don't have time to write often, I do hope that you will write again!

  5. How nice to hear from you again:)
    Thank you for sharing the news with us!.. You are in my thoughts:)
    May God bless you and your lovely family,

  6. Hello Heidi

    Just today I thought to myself - I must look up that Habbakkuk3 blog and see how they are doing. I wondered if you had been blessed with another baby. What a lovely surprise to see that you have, indeed! Welcome, Wilmer! I am sorry to hear you are not going to blog anymore. Please, just one or two posts every now and then?
    Jewels has been absent from the blog world for a long time and has just come back again and it's lovely to catch up with her and her sweet family.
    Blessings to you,