Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This Week's Project - Wilmer's suit :)

When we found out from the ultrasound that we were having a boy this time, the first thing I realized is that we had almost no clothes around here for a boy baby. It's understandable since Jeremi will be 14 before Wil is born, but certainly something that needed fixing.

I went through my bins of patterns and was surprised to realize I had nothing for a boy there either! While I was considering running to Walmart or Joanns, I remembered my shelf of Sew Beautiful magazines. Hooray for Sew Beautiful!

I found an issue with a free pattern called "Aaron's Christening Romper" and thought in another fabric it would be perfect. :)

So I dug through my fabric stash looking for Something - Anything - suitable for a boy. I finally found some light blue gingham that even my husband was willing to accept as not too feminine. :)
The original pattern included a sort of triangular yoke which you are supposed to lay over your smocked piece and cut away the part of the smocking that it covers. Maybe it's just my laziness, but I was not willing to spend that much time smocking just to cut it away. Not to mention, I couldn't find the power cord for my embroidery machine. :) (Now before you look at the picture, let me explain that I am a very novice smocker. This is a total of three times that I've even tried. I don't even own a pleater, I just sew line after line of a gathering stitch on my sewing machine and then try to gather all the lines together. So let me just warn you that those funny little blue blobs are supposed to be cars and you can pretend that you knew that all along, ok?)
In the past I've made just a few outfits that opened at the legs for changing, and they were all flops. The snaps never stayed closed and the poor child was left crawling around with these billowy goofy looking wings hanging behind them. (Just ask my husband about the "bug pants". I don't think I'll ever live those down LOL) So, I tried something new. I used tiny buttons and button holes all along the inseam. They are surprisingly not difficult to button and unbutton. Hopefully that will still prove to be true ON the baby. :)
It was labled a newborn size, but it looks pretty big. At least he'll grow into it.
And then, my husband found me a power cord that worked for my embroidery machine after all. Who knew that a PS2 actually had a legitimate reason for existing?!
I can't take credit for the play on words. That was the title of a cross stitch design of a little car that I ran across on the internet somewhere while I was looking for little boy patterns and I thought it was perfect for our Wil. I plan to make a bib out of it.

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  1. Very cute. I love the last picture with the little car that says "Coupe de Wil"