Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Some Enchanted Evening

Friday was a date night for me and my love. It turned out beautifully and so much fun. The boys helped immensely in getting everything pulled together on short notice - having only come up with the idea that afternoon. I guess I like being spontaneous. ;)
Terran and Jeremi set up the screen tent in the Secret Garden for me and set up the little solar lamps by the entrance - and Terran hung up the moroccan candle lantern for me. It's nice to have tall guys now! :) And we set up a table for two with a vase of lilacs. Mmmm!
I made croissants with garlic butter, picked lettuce from the garden for a tossed salad, made huge calzones and fresh picked asparagus for our meal. Terran made a rhubarb crisp for dessert. Yum!
I made macaroni and cheese for the younger ones' supper and Micha and Jeremi took charge of getting them fed and settled in front of The Princess Bride. When Mike got home, Terran, Jeremi, and I met him at the car. Jeremi grabbed Mike's things to bring into the house for him. Terran was all dressed up and played the part of the waiter. (Terran says, "The things I do for my mother!")
Terran led us to our table in the Secret Garden and brought out the croissants and some sparkling grape juice for our first course. Mike was wonderfully surprised. The weather was perfect. Cool enough to have few bugs, but not too cool. The food was delicious. It was neat to have the lettuce, violets for garnish on the salad, basil in the calzones, asparagus, rhubarb, and spearmint leaves as garnish on the crisp and ice cream - all be from our very own garden. :)
We sat out there for a long time, lingering over each course, and still after the meal, talking about dreams and hopes and plans, looking forward to what God might have planned for us.
So thankful for such beautiful times. God is good!


  1. What a lovely evening! What a blessing indeed, having the children help out so much and having such a wonderful garden!

    Blessings to you and your family, Heidi! I continue to lift you all up in prayer.


  2. What a beautiful date night, the picture looks lovely, and what a great bunch of toadies to help with it all. Blessings to you all

    shelley p
    from over the pond