Wednesday, October 21, 2009

For Today 10/21/09

FOR TODAY October 21, 2009...It's not even fully light yet at 8:30 in the morning. Winter is coming way too fast!

...I am thinking - I need to clean up my summer kitchen and find room for the stuff that was moved to make room for the freezer we were just given.

....I am thankful for - God's provision for vehicles. Just found out that the minivan needs a new tie rod end, but God already provided the funding.

...From the learning rooms - Abigail is reading well enough now to join in reading passages on Sunday morning!

....I am wearing - my white blouse and my purple and blue peasant skirt (LOL Would you believe I've got the same outfit on today? - 5 outfits and this one just happened to come around again today - I need to make myself something new to wear.)

....I am creating - a bonnet for a customer's rush order

...I am going - hmm I could say "crazy" but that would imply that I wasn't already there!

...I am hoping - my sister and brother in law have safe travels and wonderful experiences on their mission trip to India

...I am hearing - a couple of pine squirrels chasing eachother up into the pear tree, down and around the back porch, and back again and again.

...Around the house - Micha's making french toast (kind of a late start this morning after a late night.), Terran, Juli, and Lissa are reading in the livingroom, Jeremi's playing with Emilie, Manda's digging in the community shoe box, and Abigail's setting the table.

....I am wondering about - lactose intolerance. Everyone in my family has it. Mine's been mild enough to be in denial, but the slowed digestion of pregnancy seems to be making it much less ignorable. :(

...One of my favorite things - the smell of coffee and french toast in the morning

...A few plans for the rest of the week: sewing projects, planning what to serve on Saturday when Mom comes, hoping to start working on a few Christmas presents. (We do all homemade gifts and there are only 60 some days left)

From my photos...
Another third birthday - 7 years ago. :) Julihannah Kristine
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