Friday, October 30, 2009

Presentation Night

Every once in a while, an informal group of homeschooling families in our area gets together for what we call a presentation night. It's kind of like show and tell. Each child who wants to can get up and show everyone something they've been learning or doing. 5 families came last night with about 30 children.
Each of our children participated with a presentation, though unfortunately, my camera died halfway through. :(
Micha and Terran, with their friend Zac wrote and performed a skit of the Biblical story from Judges 3 - King Eglon and the judge Ehud, through whom God delivered Israel.
I had to include this photo. ;) In their version of the story, the mean spirited King Eglon decided he had not yet that day taken candy from a baby. So he forced his servant to play the part so that he could check it off his list of evil things to do. (They did warn everyone that it wasn't *exactly* like the Biblical account.)
Jeremi created an animation of Noah's ark. He explained how the animation process works. (Of course, he did so in his own style - as "Abu" rather than as himself. LOL)
Lissa read the story she wrote for Vision Forum's 2010 essay contest.
Emilie played her reading game in front of everyone. She sounds out the three letter word on each card, then finds the little object to match. Her favorite is "cat". I have to make sure that one is last so she doesn't get totally distracted by wanting to play with the tiny pink cat.)
Unfortunately, my camera died before Juli played "Jesus Loves Me" on the harp so beautifully and Abigail read a story out of her reading book complete with a voice change for the "Billy Goat" character and Amanda recited her memory work passage, Eph. 4:32 flawlessly.
I think Mike got pictures and maybe even video on his Blackberry, if we can figure out how to get them from there onto the computer. :)
It was a wonderful evening. Mike even surprised us by being there. We were expecting him to have to work late. Wonderful presentations, delicious snacks, and lovely fellowship. God is so good!

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  1. Speechless. Beautiful. This is what is important. Thank you for sharing.