Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sweet Little Singers

Last Sunday after church, we found stockings and shoes for all the little girls, brushed their hair,
packed the diaper bag, and bundled everyone into the great big white 15 passenger van. We rather
noisily made our way down the country highways (the muffler finally gave up the ghost) and over to
the town of Berlin. It is our tradition to celebrate Savannah’s birthday by picking out a present for
a baby girl and bringing it to the hospital where Savannah was born. Each of us puts one thing in the basket,
a dress, a blanket, etc, and we include a card that explains that this is a gift for the first baby girl born
on or soonest after February 28th, Savannah’s birthday.
So, off we went on our adventure, brrumpity brrumpity brrumpity up and down the hills and round the curvy
country roads, the children chatting away. From the back seat, we heard Emilie’s little voice singing happily
to the tune of “Jingle Bells” (The Dashing through the snow part)…
“We’re on our way to the store.
We’re on our way to the store.
We’re on our way to the store.
We’re on our way to the store.”
You get the idea. LOL. As it’s getting almost to the level of annoyance of “99 bottles of beer on the wall”,
Mike finally speaks up, “Emilie…”
She stops. The van is quiet for a moment, and then…
A new little voice begins,
“We’re um um um um um um store.
We’re um um um um store…”
Yep, it’s Wilmer. Not even two years old. The stinker! I was laughing so hard I was crying. :)
And he continued. And continued.
And then Emilie joined back in, (After all, Daddy hadn’t gotten as far as actually telling her to stop.)
now making up new verses as she went along.
She sang,
“We’re going to get a present
For a baby girl…” Mike and I smiled as we listened to her sweet voice and Wilmer’s counter melody with the
rhythm of the muffler-less van.
Then she started to get a little confused. She sang,
“We’re going to get a baby girl.
We’re going to get a baby girl…”
I couldn’t help but feel a little sad, missing my baby girl. Mike started to correct her, but she’d already
moved on to the next verse…
“Cuz baby boys are monsters,
They always take my toys…”
And we were dying laughing once more!
Isn’t God good to give us such sweetness?
and here’s a picture of the little stinker.

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