Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Let Me Do It Myself

A few weeks ago I started to realize just how much I'd slipped. :)
When the big boys were little, they were in the kitchen with me from the time they were born practically. I have pictures of Micha in the front pack at a few months old while I was baking. Terran, at the age of two was taking the measuring cup with me to dump into the bowl and counting with me, one, two, three...
At the age of four, he was baking cookies, brownies, etc with me just telling him step by step what to do.
By six, he was reading the recipes on his own and making those things.
And by 8 or so, he was making anything he wanted.
And he was so good in the kitchen, that somehow I failed to train any of his siblings to come after him! How did that happen?

So, I pulled Terran aside one day and asked for his help to start training. I was so blessed to have him bring me these pictures later in the day. He'd taken 4 year old Amanda under his wing, read the directions on a brownie mix box to her and let her do almost *everything* by herself. (I think he might have helped a little with the eggs, but I'm not sure.)

Amanda stirring up the brownies -

Spreading it into the pan that she'd greased - (we didn't have a square pan the right size.) Obviously she'd been licking the bowl already. :)

Ready to go into the oven -

Terran helps Amanda put the brownies into the oven -

The timer is set and the brownies baking. (This was when our oven was out of commission for a while, hence the toaster oven.) The house smells divinely of chocolate!

Amanda is so proud of herself! The brownies look wonderful!

Squeezing out the packet of frosting -

Spreading out the frosting -

So yummy! And she did it (almost) all by herself!


  1. She is so sweet! I love her little dress. Such pretty fabric. Wish I had one of her brownies!

  2. Just beautiful. What a delightful brother to teach her like that,,from the blessings of his mother's teachings...I too just love her dress...

  3. Aw, she looks so sweet (and so do the brownies)! Good job, big brother!

    I did the same with Mary, but seem to have failed with Micky (4 years separate them). I need to work on that!


  4. What a sweetheart. I think it's wonderful that children learn at an early age to help in the kitchen. My daughter's little boy, who will turn 3 in a couple of weeks, is always in the kitchen, up on a stool helping mommy in any way that he can. It's a beautiful site and you surely captured that here! I can almost smell the brownies cooking.

    You have a wonderful family filled with loving hearts Heidi. You have taught them well.


  5. I was reading lovely blogs today, and then reading the links that those lovely ladies had placed there.

    It's a beautiful, warm Spring day in Texas, where I live...and that is how I spent my morning. Somehow, I found my way to your friend's blog, "Eyes of Wonder"...and she had just posted a prayer request for you.

    It was February 28...a day that is dear to me because it is the day that my father went to heaven...and my grandmother, as well...ten years earlier.

    I began praying for you at once...and suddenly the Lord gave me this poem. I pray that it blesses you. It is a gift from Him... I am only the "delivery girl"... Kate~

    Savannah Rose

    Quiet and still, you lay in my arms
    sweetness and love beyond measure.

    I gaze at your face and feel naught,
    but grace...my daughter, my child,
    my treasure...

    "But, how could this be?" my anguished heart
    She is so precious and fair.
    "Merely trust God", my spirit replies
    allow Him your burden to share..."

    "But, I'm weak", I insist as tears
    start to fall...
    "Can I not be given a reason?"

    "In your weakness, He's strong
    and nothing is wrong that will not
    be righted in season...

    Just walk...do not faint...
    Let the prayers of the saints...
    sore upward to heaven above

    He will answer someday...
    'til then, you must stay
    wrapped in His grace and His love"

    "How can my spirit be wiser than me?
    I ponder", and then soon He speaks...

    'Tis My spirit in you that comforts anew
    and gives you the answers that you seek

    Be thankful for all He has given to you
    Be grateful and trust that He knows...
    And in a short while, you will see her
    and smile at your beautiful
    Savannah Rose...

    a poem from His throne of grace delivered
    through Kate Wells. To God be the glory forever...

  6. Kate Wells,
    Thankyou! Thankyou!
    - Heidi

  7. Ooooh I love brownies!! What better way to get a brownie than baked by a little sweetie! Her chocolate flecked smile says it all -- "Sweet Success!" : D

  8. How precious! What wonderful pictures and memories...

  9. I don't know how i found your blog but i absolutelt love it. I am a mamma to 7 dear children. I love this post because I feel like i am doing the same thing with my younger ones. My oldest is 12 and she is in the kitchen all the time making complete meals for the family. My little ones seem to never be inthe picture. Thanks for the reminder. I need to also be training my little ones.

  10. She is so precious, I have been neglecting training my daughter a little in the art of cooking, your post has inspired me to start today!!