Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Came to Play

They say March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Here in Wisconsin it's more like March comes in like a lion and then it has multiple personality disorder, switching constantly back and forth from lion to lamb to lion... and it's anyone's guess as to which one it will go out like. LOL

Yesterday afternoon was gorgeous, sunny and 50 degree weather. The children so enjoyed getting outside and enjoying the day!

One of my friends recently made the comment that spring looks like a slightly paler version of fall at this point in the year.

It certainly looked like fall, with the boys raking leaves yesterday. :)

Micha, Terran, and Jeremi all actually let me take their pictures!!

Their raking uncovered beautiful signs of spring!!! I love seeing the green things starting to come up!

The girls enjoyed getting to go out and play too.

Lissa, giving her doll, Rosemary a ride in the swing. :)

Juli and Emi talking on the front porch step. (Emilie's photogrey glasses get SO dark in the sunlight!)

Abigail in a tree. Hmm, seems similar to another picture I have posted of her recently, now that I think about it. :)

Amanda blowing bubbles...

... and Julihannah catching them!
We're supposed to get another 5 inches of snow this weekend but I've been hearing a pretty little cardinal singing it's gorgeous little song right outside my window most every morning for the last couple of weeks. So real spring is coming soon!
Thank God for glimpses of what's to come!


  1. Yes Spring is finally here. I love your pictures. Your children are so beautiful and handsome. Looks like they enjoyed the fresh air that Spring brings. I just love the Cardinals. If you happen to stop by my site, you will see a post (March 23) with a beautiful red Cardinal in it.

    God bless you dear Heidi,

  2. I do hope your lovely weather sticks around. Everyone looks like they were really enjoying it.


  3. It is the same way down here in AL. We have lots of green things blooming, but it has rained for the past 5 days. You just never know what you will wake up to.

    Your pictures and your children are beautiful.

  4. Spring is in full swing around here. Each day we scurry through the daily doings and then run out with secatuers, frisbee, or just free time in hand to enJOY the gift of the warmth and beauty. The breeze is laden with such sweet fragrance. I praise Him so after a loooong winter for us (we Californians aren't used to such a spate of chill, even here in the Mountains).

    Here's to celebrating Spring together and wishing you less snow and more green. : D