Thursday, February 19, 2009

Free Give-Away

Two of my recent posts have highlighted songs from my cd - "Little One" and "Shall We Dance". If you enjoyed those songs, you might enjoy my cd entitled "Make My Life a Symphony".

I will send this cd free to the first 3 people who put my blog into their bloglines feed, or post about it on their own blog and leave me a comment here with a link to your blog.
I pray it will be a blessing to you. :)
- Heidi


  1. Added you to my RSS feed and I'm "following" you too with the cool Blogspot feature.

  2. Heidi! I love that picture of the girls dancing. There are times I feel like that but, since I'm an adult, don't give in to it. Oh, how I long to feel free enough to dance when the mood strikes and not care what others think.

  3. I love your music. I have never heard it.

  4. I posted a comment, and I don't see it. Waaahhhh!!! There was only one other comment on here when I posted mine. I linked to hear from both of my blogs, Blogger and Xanga. I've added your feed too!

    ~Kathy from HK

  5. I added you to my blog roll. You can see it at :)

  6. Okay... I know I am not one of the first 3, but I posted a link anyways, because I find your site amazing. And I LOVE your song Shall We Dance!! Oh, my gracious. So powerful!! Do you sell your CD's??