Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Improvise, Overcome,and Adapt

Always an adventure! The week before last our wonderful (free) washing machine decided to get sick. The fill valve was mechanically stuck open and we ended up with a great deal of water on the floor! Praise the Lord there was someone in the room when it happened and we were able to deal with the problem before it damaged anything!
We found out that it would be almost $100 to fix and that hardly seemed worth it for a free washing machine that was held together with duct tape. LOL So we waited and and prayed - and God provided! We were only without a washer for about a week. During that time Terran and I took one trip to a laundromat where we did 4 loads and brought them home to dry. Then one day, Juli and I decided to step back in time and do at least the dish towels and cloths and napkins - which were desperately needed. We washed them in the tub. Juli had gotten a little washboard for Christmas and she graciously allowed me to borrow it. Then we turned each piece through the old fashioned wringer I'd picked up at a garage sale. No longer just a bit of decoration, it actually had a purpose again! A pop back into the tub for rinsing and then once again through the wringer, we were done. Definitely a longer process than putting everything into the washing machine - but it was fun! Maybe this summer we'll do it on a regular basis and hang things out on the line to really live back in time. :) In the meantime, I am certainly grateful for the new to us washing machine that God gave us!

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