Thursday, February 12, 2009

Unschooling Opportunity of a Lifetime

Guess what?!
I decided to do something crazy! About a month ago I heard a news story on the radio about something called, "The Best Job In The World". Maybe you heard about it too. It's a job called "Island Caretaker" - which in my opinion is really a terrible misnomer (sorry, Tourism Queensland ;) ) - but put simply, the Tourism department of Queensland Australia wants someone to come stay on Hamilton Island in a 3 bdrm vacation home for six months, do all the touristy things around the islands of the great barrier reef and keep a blog for the world to see - hopefully drawing all kinds of tourists to their area. For this, the chosen person gets paid about 100K - about enough to pay for all the touristy things you have to do and hopefully bring a little money home. Talk about an unschooler's dream!!!!!!! :) Of course the crazy part would be someone like me managing six months mostly without dh and with 9 children including a 4 month old. But then, I've always loved an adventure. (and I'd get to meet Linda from Hearthkeepers!!!) :) :) :) So, I decided to apply. You have to record a one minute video telling them why you think you're the best person for the job and a little bit about what you know about the islands of the Great Barrier Reef - and do it in an "entertaining" way. (Then I had to re-do my video when it was rejected because it was a fraction of a second too long. :) but it was really a blessing as I got to make a few slight changes I'd been wishing I'd done the first time.)
In any case, it's done and it's been accepted and it's up on their website now! You can see (and rate) it at Granted, right now the ratings aren't really that important. Later this month, they'll drop it down to 50 people, and if I'm in that group, perhaps you all might be willing to go and vote for me. Anyway - I'd love it if you checked it out - and if I get into the top 50, please help me go visit my friend, Linda. :)

No, it's not real of course LOL. It's an image I created to use as part of my application.
They close applications Feb 22 (unless they get 30,000 before then and move up the date)They narrow it down to 50 by Mar 2 after which they have voting until the 24thThey'll pick 10 candidates and let the general public pick one wild card candidateBy Apr. 2, we'll know who those 11 people areMay 3, the 11 candidates travel to Queensland for interviewsMay 6 they announce the winnerWork starts July 1 and goes to Jan 1
The children and I would go. Terran would actually stay here with Mike for the first couple of months because he has an obligation for the summer, but then he'd be with us for the rest of the time (which is good since he's probably my most adventurous). Mike would plan to visit three times throughout the stay - the first at the end of Aug/beginning of Sep at which time Terran would come and stay with us. Then again around the end of Oct/ beginning of Nov, and third for Christmas/our anniversary. Then we'd go home in January. All the applications are on video, but there is a wide variety of video styles - from people just sitting in front of a webcam talking, to ones more like mine, to some that are a mixture of both. It's been interesting watching some of the videos as they go up on the islandreefjob website. There are a lot of people more qualified in the sense that they already have scuba diving and boating certifications and are very well traveled. My qualifications are more on the writing and photography and website side of things.
I am torn between getting my hopes up and knowing it's probably unlikely. I mean what are the chances they'll want a 38 year old mother of 9 who does NOT look good in a bikini? Still, it's in God's hands - and I pray that if it would be as good an experience as I think, that He will bring it to pass. :)

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