Thursday, February 12, 2009

Through The Time Machine

Good Morn to ye! So were my daughters greeted this morning by a woman calling herself Goodwife Smith. ;) (aka Mom) They were then led upon a journey through a time machine to the time of the pilgrims A closet filled with belongings and quite a few people gave a bit of understanding to the experience upon the Mayflower. We talked of the darkness below decks, the seasickness, the lack of showers, oh my!, the time when the great beam cracked and God provided a way to keep the ship in one piece through a great printing press screw brought by one of the men.

Next we made our way through the time machine to just a few years into the future. Enough so that we were past the difficult times of starving and sickness, though we talked about how God had taken care of us even in those times. Now we had good safe homes and the children were invited to join us in breaking fast. The manservants, Terran, Micha, and Jeremiah had put together a lovely repast. We had johnny cakes and dressed eggs. While the children ate, Goodwife Smith read to them from a book that had come through the time machine with them - a "Landmark" book about the pilgrims at Plymoth.

As the day continued, we entered a sort of twilight zone of living half in the 1600's and half in 2007. :) I had a violin lesson to teach, then fed the baby and then we decided to learn how to knit. Since the girls had never knit before and the boys had not tried in years, we started with finger knitting. They had so much fun and were so proud of their accomplishments.

A lesson from a hornbook and reading from the Good Book (King James version of course) brought us up to lunch time which was a simple meal of bread and cheese. We had learned that the real pilgrims would probably have had their big meal then, but we wanted to save the big meal for when Daddy would be home.

Naptime is over and the girls are jumping into some more finger knitting and hand sewing. I hope to pick the book back up and finish it before we have to get super busy with supper preparations. We have beefsteak pie, sweetpotatoes and apples, sally lunn bread, and almond tarts planned for our menu.

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