Thursday, February 12, 2009

Life is Such

Life is such -
A series of sameness.
Wherever I go, nothing changes.
I am only a drop
In an unfathomable ocean.
I make ripples, but they only go so far.
What can I do to change the world?
I look -
Watch -
Expect to see something.
But time flies ever faster by.
And the sea is still the sea.
And I am still
Only a raindrop...

And maybe that's the point. It's easy to look around on the journey of life and think, "this town looks an awful lot like the last town we went through ... and the one before that. You know, I cleaned the bathroom and vacuumed the livingroom and changed a diaper, I hemmed a dress, I wrote a blog entry - and they will all have to be done again - probably sooner than later. Yet it's not for nothing. Only God knows who will be touched by some tiny part of my small life today - - one of my children... a friend... a stranger... Somewhere out there is a tiny seedling whose thirsty roots are stretching out into the soil around them - and exactly what they need is one little raindrop. :)

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